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My husband and I haven’t eaten a meal alone in 6 months.

Blame it on the kids who require around the clock care (who knew!?!). Blame it on the work my husband does online every evening. Blame it on the fact that I stay up late blogging and sharing my deepest, darkest secrets online with strangers.

Blame it on what you like, but the fact of the matter is my husband and I have fallen into a routine that requires zero alone time and I plan to remedy that!

The following is a list of 10 things you can do to keep the romance alive in your marriage!:

1. Give your oldest child a box of cake mix, a can of pumpkin puree, a bowl and a spoon. Instruct her to stir, pour and help her stick them in the oven. Muffins for your love in just 3 steps! (Thanks Pinterest!)

2. Send your husband a thoughtful ecard declaring your undying love.

3. Instagram a photo of your full grocery cart. Caption it, “I bought your favorite Fiber rich cereal!! #AlwaysThinkingOfMyBoo #KeepingTheRomanceAlive”

4. Tell everyone on Facebook your husband is Amazeballs. Share a photo of your wedding day. Pretend it’s not the last photo you have of the two of you together.

5. Start a Pinterest Board called “My Marriage Is Happy” and fill it with quotes about true love and images of people who appear to be in love. Invite your husband to be a contributor to this board.

6. Make a YouTube video talking about all the places you would someday like to visit with your husband. Share it with him (make sure he gives it a thumbs up!!).

7. Send your husband an evite for a party in the laundry room. Have his beer waiting as you both sort through the lights and the darks.

8. Ask your child to design a card covered in hearts with the words “I Love You Honey” written in the middle. Ask her to email the pdf to you and add your signature.

9. Go shopping online for a new outfit. Your husband doesn’t like it when you spend money, but maybe a really cute outfit is just what the romance doctor ordered! How can he resist you in mint chevron!?!

10. Oh for crying out loud just turn off the computer and call a babysitter.
Six months is way too long to ignore a date night with the man you’re spending the rest of your life with!


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